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Ultimate Mash ups!!!!!

  • By Greta Aherne
  • 31 March 2011

Ah Mash Ups…- The curse of the late 90's is now back with vengeance.

Now I know that each and every on of us has our own favorite. Some are so awesome that we've shared them with all our friends but some are just serious guilty pleasures you wouldn't even want your mother to find out about! How often have you thought when listening to a mash up, I wonder what two of my favorite songs would sound like together? Would it be genius or would it just be horrific?

I'll freely put my hands up and say that there are some mash ups that I completely love, even if I am slightly ashamed! Just for you, I'm going to share with you some of the creme de la creme of the mash up world !

I have two particular Mash Up Masters, one Being DJ Chachi and the other being DJ Lobsterdust.  

DJ Chachi is responsible for some greats but the following is one of my personal favorites . Now when you hear 50 Cent's ultimate debut single, you wouldn't think it could be mashed so magnificently with ..... the following !

Eye of the Tiger mash up


Then you just get the slightly strange choice of Mash Ups. Some people don't just think of mashing up two tracks but using three or more. I know what you're thinking, how would this work. Well let me tell you DJ Lobsterdust has only gone and done it !

DJ Lobsterdust Stand Up.


But then you just get mash ups like this

Slipknot, Bieber



Talk about putting polar opposites with each other. I wonder how Slipknot and their fans think about it let alone the good old JB Fever Crew! In a small way, I'd love to see it live but I know it will never happen.

Now that I've shown you mine will you show me yours? If some real gems are uncovered, I'll make sure to do a best of mash up blog and we can watch them all in some weird online sleepover thing!