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Terrible Band Tattoos

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 18 September 2012

Chris 'Knuckles' Brown has been getting all sorts of gyp these last couple of weeks. Poor guy. Its as if a guy can't even beat his bird up then get a tattoo looking suspiciously like her battered face these days. Politcial Correctness gone mad, that's what I call it. 

Still it got us thinking. Brown's tattoo manages a tricky double- it both looks aesthetically repulsive AND is completely morally retarded. That's like winning the Premiership and The Champions League. It's only for the skilled. But surely it's only the tip of the iceberg? Surely there are thousands of music maniacs out there who've perpetrated mind boggling crimes against their own bodies in the name of fandom?? And you know what? A quick whiz round a town called Google proved us right. So here you go - 10 very bad decisions permanantly etched into the flesh of idiots. Look on and wonder.

10. IT'S BRITNEY, BITCH! Tbh at first we thought this was Sinead O'Conner confronting the Pope, but no, it's a fan remembering Birtney's finest moment. Truly scary.


9. Ah yes, Green Day, famously fronted by a whistling gorillaman.


8. This spectacular artwork has lasted longer than Hanson's career.

7. We get that this is meant to be a bit of a 'comedy' version of Dave Grohl but why on Earth did they draw him as a pin headed alcohol fetal syndrome sufferer? Why?

6. This little number of Freddie Mercury has the eyes of a sleazy re-animated corpse. Maybe that's the effect they were hoping for.


5. OK, so this is either a pretty funny comment on people getting black icons confused, or the work of a moron.

4. And talking of morons, Coolio got himself a tattoo to show what a massive fan he is of Insane Clown Posse. In itself, an act of lunacy. However the hapless rapper stepped it up a gear but getting the word 'Juggalo' (the term for ICP devotees) spelt wrong. DUH.


3. This bizarre rendition of Miley Cirus as some sort of medieval shit covered witch peasant is made all the more special for appearing on a middle aged mans body. Not at all creepy. No sir. 

2. Yeah dude I frickin' LOVE Extreme.

1. Just no.