The Judges

Vince Power: FIB / Hop Farm Festival

Vince is one of Europe's most well known and respected music promoters. Vince rose to fame with the Mean Fiddler group of live music venues, which he started in Harlesden, northwest London, in 1982. It rapidly expanded to take over bars and nightclubs across the capital, including the Astoria, the Garage and the Jazz Café.

In 1989, he turned his attention to festivals, reviving the Reading festival, launching new events such as Homelands and Creamfields in the late 1990s and taking a stake in the Glastonbury festival in 2002.

Previously owner of the Mean Fiddler Group,  Vince built up both Reading and Glastonbury festivals before selling in 2005, taking a year off and then come roaring back into the festival market the following year by taking over what is now the legendary FIB festival in Spain as well as launching the first Hop Farm Festival in 2008. In 2012 Vince will be introducing at least two brand new festivals including the long awaited rise from the ashes of The Phoenix Festival (see what we did there?!)

Vince has always championed emerging acts at his festivals giving artists the opportunity to break out and perform when he has spotted talent.

Who is going to catch his eye this year?


Yes you've guessed it, we too will be casting our eyes over everything submitted. With a crack team of judges, we will be picking the winners to go through to the final heats to the last band/artist standing !


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