20 New Bands For The Summer Volume 2
- Black Manila


We've no wish to alarm you, but it's time for some stright talking: Black Manila have got the flair, the tunes, and the indefinable, throbbing pulse to be the greatest rock n roll band England's seen in a decade. No lie.

The South London 3 piece – Bassist/ vocalist Conrad, guitarist/vocalist Gareth and Liam on drums- have been together for little over a year, and already Europe has taken their rumbling garage-psyche-freakout assault to its heart, the band just back from a series of sold out gigs around Italy, where devoted audiences were calling out for songs the band had forgotten they’d even written.


Meanwhile, England is only now waking up. The music press may be mired in a swamp of anonymous bedroom dance producers who seem to have all the software and none of the sex- but BM are showing a better way; a heady brew of sleazy 60s riffs, wild spirals of psychedelia, and swaggering unapologetic vocals. Check 8 minute epic England for mythmaking lyrics at their most Jaggeresque—“I’m Guy Fawkes’ grandson// With a nuclear bomb// Here comes a new messiah// On a chariot of fire... We’ll be dancing on the street// England shakes beneath our feet// Im an English man// I’m an English woman.”



The band know that they’re against the tide of what the industry is currently trying to push- but crucially, they don’t care- content to pursue their own agenda 'til the world catches up. Conrad sets out their philosophy.


“The whole music industry is set up to put out electronic music at the moment. Electronic music people with all the blogs and stuff, they pretty much produce a different collection of sounds a week, it’s so quick their turn around, so they’re constantly pumping out these tunes whereas with bands there’s so much more work that goes into it, you’ve got a whole band you’ve got to ship your equipment around everywhere.. Y’know the digital world -which is where music is going- is sort of clashing with the band world. I don’t wanna lower our quality to fit in with the digital world. I just want to make the best music that we can and let the world sort itself out around it.”


Submitting the debut single Fiasco for the SupaJam/ Gibson, Black Manila have fired an opening salvo, a squalling wake up call to faceless culture and one of the best tracks we’ve heard all year. Having listened to other tracks on the bands website and facebook, we can safely say that this is just the start....