20 New Bands For The Summer Volume 2
- Dignan Porch

Dignan Porch feel like London’s best kept secret, and if we’re honest with you, we want to change that. They released a ramshackle psychedelic gem of a debut album- Tendrils -on the Brooklyn based Captured Tracks label in 2010, then followed it last year with Deluded, a 12” of tighter, more focused, grunge influenced songs (now completely sold out). Now they’ve another album and 12” set to follow in 2012, and it seems they’re set to get better with every release... On first listen it’s easy to mistake the band for a collection of stoners from Nowhere, Ohio—there’s such ease and space to their music, unforced guitar lines sprawling over tracks then giving way to languid slacker vocals and occasional bizarre effects, it all seems more expansive than our small island would allow. In reality the band are a 5 piece from Tooting, South London, and, as many bloggers have suggested, there is a line of English eccentricity running alongside the Pavement influences- Syd Barrett whimsy with added fuzz pedal.


For the Gibson/ SupaJam EP the band have submitted Stream, a moment of sublime grunge pop taken from the Deluded EP—faster, fuller and more immediate than the sunstruck folk found on Tendrils, Stream is the ideal starting point to listen to the group—think classic SubPop recorded in depression England—the band have channelled a sweet, perfect melancholy, deadbeat and euphoric. Listen below:


Find out more about Dignan Porch on their website, which has a mammoth amount of press coverage and some great videos, and follow them on facebook here, and twitter here.

Here's one final track from the Deluded Ep, the gently epic Like It Was