20 New Bands For The Summer Volume 2
- Fat White Family

Images courtesy of Lou Smith Media


We've written about Fat White Family before-- in SupaJam's opinion they are easily the best live act in England, and we had to get them on our best bands for the summer EP.


Their sound is a swamp slur of razor sharp Spaghetti Western riffs, hyper punk energy, sprawling Americana and wild blasts of garage rock. On top of this, the gaunt, contorting lead singer Lias howls songs of misanthropy, black comedy and sticky lust. Picture a 60s garage act wrenched into the 21st Century and fronted by the bastard child of Mark E Smith, Shaun Ryder and Golem. For a longer interview with the band, and some tales of their debauchery, head over to here.


Up until a few weeks ago they hadn't studio recorded anything-- so they're addition to the SupaJam/ Gibson EP is a total exclusive-- this is the first time Fat White Family's music has been available anywhere.


We're going with their signature track, the heavy apocalypse of AutoNeutron. Watch the band performing an early incarnation of its heavy splendour in Brixton last year:



To catch Fat White Family playing live, alongside the other SupaJam/ Gibson EP bands Black Manila, Dignan Porch and Cold in Berlin, come to our first ever SupaJam Jubilee Boat Party-- detaisl of which can be found on our facebook event page here.