20 New Bands For The Summer Volume 3
- Drop Out Venus


Drop Out Venus currently reside in Deptford, South East London. It is here that they write and record music in their one-bedroom flat. Originally hailing from Bulgaria, Iva Moskvich, Chris Scott and Ursula Russell formed the band after discovering they all share a form of synaesthesia which has lead to a wildly sensual approach to playing music. Their musical education was most deeply felt somewhere between the whisky drenched piano of Thelonious Monk and the crazy hazy kisses of the Flat Duo Jets. For the last six months they have been playing small venues in south east London but have been making music together for a considerably longer time.


They are best experienced live: their intense and sometimes chaotic shows incorporate the raw energy of New York in the late 70s and the honesty of the sawdust strewn floors of jazz era bars. All of this is channelled through an eastern European ruggedness and mysticism.


For our EP they have given us one of their finest recordings yet, the beautiful maybe-about-heroin Love in Vein. Weighing heavy with romance and absence, the song takes hypnotic Velvet Underground cycles of guitar and transposes them to a crumbling London bedsit looking out over a greywashed English sky-



The energy of the bands live show creeps through in another one of their online recordings-- the harsher crunch of overdrive pushing Morning Star into a bleaker, near gothic territory, all the time clinging onto the ghostly yearning that characterises Drop Out Venus as something quite special--