20 New Bands For The Summer Volume 3
- Old Forest


Old Forest sound just like that. Gnarled, covered in moss, grime and skut, creeping beasts lurking in the black and creaking branches brushing your face, their trunk heavy sound is elemental, dark, sinister and ALIVE. *I want you to read that last bit and imagine it's Dr Frankenstein saying 'IT'S ALIVE'  as his monster raises from the slab, trust me, it works*... 

For three kids just finishing their A Levels, it's amazing that this South London trio - long term friends Tom, Luke and Matt- make music that sounds ancient and monolithic as Stone Henge. Coming from the same Tooting scene that spawned last months EP band Dignan Porch, Old Forest first came to our attention through a crummy sounding tape released by Italian Beach Babes. With a clutch of songs named after Simpson's characters, a no--bones-about-it set of influences-- Dinosaur Jnr, The Melvins and Nirvana, and the filthy heavy grunge to match we were intrigued. Watching them live proved what we thought- Old Forest have the songs and the skills and deserve to be massive...

Here's one of the tracks from that long sold out tape, the grinding Moe, a track that slows hooky pop melodies to a slacker pace then chucks em in the dirt chamber...

Old Forest - Moe by Beatcast

In true DiY fashion, the band have come good with a Youtube ransacking video for the track Barney - horror film imagery knocking boots with plastic love hearts and cheap ass psychedelics. It sums up the bands hard visceral sound and their sense of enjoyment - as Tom says "We just think you should do what you want, do it for fun."


For more on the band check out their facebook page, and don't forget to come some them live at the EP launch on July 3rd