Beautiful by Design

About The Band

Bio: ''A band that just seems to have the knack of creating great little pop songs that you want to sing-along to'' - Jim Gellatly BBC Radio Scotland

"80's indie, smiths/chameleons-esque guitar sounds" - Vic Galloway, BBC Radio 1

''My favourite Beautiful by Design track does seem to change every time I listen to them'' - Jim Gellatly BBC Radio Scotland

''Soar away chorus’ that are guaranteed to have you whistling in the shower’’- David Clegg - (Dundee Evening Telegraph)

"Think Glasvegas, but much more inspirational, uplifting and poptastic!" - I.L.M.

'Beautiful By Design' began long before they realised they were a band as they would often find themselves the last ones awake at house party's, swigging on cheap cider talking about the music they grew up with, and what they felt were the important factors in making a good song. Opinions would differ but one thing they always agreed on was the fact that a good song should order the hairs on the back of your neck to stand to attention. then pierce your skin to rattle your very bones and leave you in a state of addiction. This common ground has given birth to an urgent heart on sleeve monster of a band, with sensitive lyrics cradled like a child by the strong pulsating beats and swirly melodic guitar riffs.