Blind Pilots

About The Band

Bio: Blind Pilots - A gang of four incomprehensibly different characters from Preston, Lancashire, with one simple goal. To make good, honest music.

Andy Lewis, Michael Doyle, Dan O' Grady and Gerard Gleave are an interesting bunch. Not necessarily hell-bent on world domination, but certainly out to gain the respect and acknowledgement their particular brand of melodic guitar pop quite clearly deserves.

Andy is a cool, confident character with the visual aesthetics of the Britpop-influenced young rapscallions of the north. Michael, the passionate, yet understated guitarist's guitarist. Dan, a charming, multi-talented chap, with impeccable taste in clothing and music. And Gerard, the archetypal rock and roll drummer, difficult to handle but a pleasure to listen to.

2009 saw them debut with numerous gigs around the north-west which came to a fantastic head on New Years Eve at The Cavern Club, Liverpool. 2010 promises much more. Already gaining interest and adulation from fans up and down the country, they aim to continue to build their rapidly increasing reputation and repertoire. They are straight-forward. They are witty. They will make you dance.

They are Blind Pilots.