City Boy Soul

About The Band

Bio: New futuristic Brit Pop RnB/Hip Hop sensation City Boy Soul have
landed and are ready to take the crown for UK’s best Pop act. Coree
Richards from super star status boy band Damage, known for hits like
“Ghetto Romance” and “Still be lovin you”, combines his talent with Gak
Jonze, a UK rapper with a finger right on the pulse of today’s Hip Hop
industry. The result is UK’s finest RnB/Hip Hop combo to date.

No Regrets (Who we Are) – Released on the 15th of February 2010 has
been recognized and endorsed by a variety of major industry players such as Trevor Nelson (1Xtra), Simon Cowel, Robin Banks (Beacon Fm), Pete Lewis (RnB and Hip Hop connection Magazine) and Adam Bradley to name but a few.

The latest single release under Mykali Records Indie Label is the first
single from a torrent of releases to follow in the near future from the up
and coming album. Future releases will include productions from Felix
Milton One Time Records, Bradley Macintosh (former S Club 7 member)
and U-Boy (Producer of No Regrets (Who we Are) and hit Party Dark
dance track “Is That You”).

You can purchase the new single No Regrets (Who we Are) from iTunes
directly by going to itunes.cityboysoul.com.
For more information on the boys and other digital stores you can
download them from please go to cityboysoul.com.
If you are interested in booking us for a gig, email us at
bookings@cityboysoul.com and for general info you can get in touch
with us with cityboys@cityboysoul.com.