Eat Dr. Ape

About The Band

Bio: Apes are not normally known for being doctors, let alone being proficient in the art of
rocking out. If you are at all doubtful, then let me introduce you to Eat Dr. Ape.
Eat Dr. Ape are an alternative rock band from Scotland, who met and banded together at
college in 2008. Their fusion of playing styles and individual musical influences ranging
from blues to drum 'n bass to metal has led them to craft a rather unique sound, which
has gathered a cult following all over Scotland and a growing fan base across the rest of
the UK.
2009 saw Eat Dr. Ape touring furiously, as well as the release of their debut EP “Mind,
Heart and Soul”. They also represented Scotland in the 2009 Musicians Benevolent Fund
Songwriters Awards, performing to a panel of judges including acclaimed
writer/producer Guy Chambers and Ivor Novello award winner Eg White.
2010 is lining up to be an equally exciting year for Eat Dr. Ape. April sees them
competing in the Zimbalam Surface Unsigned Festival for a chance to perform at the
2011 Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary, and May sees the release of their eagerly
anticipated debut album “Love and Lust In Wonderland” and Scottish album tour, giving
fans the chance to experience their unconventional and twisted take on love. And lust.
So move over King Kong, there's a new great ape in town.