About The Band

Bio: FARRs are a 4-piece 'fuzz-dance' band from Leeds, UK. They have been together since early 2008 and are releasing the debut E.P. 'Right to Riot' on Voltage Records in Spring 2010.

Over the past two years they have shared the stage with bands such as Twisted Wheel, Iglu and Hartly, and Brakes, along with invitations to endless showcases up and down the country, prompting some great reviews:

"...and the Farrs, who I have now seen twice and award the accolade of Call of The Wyld Band Of The Year for their blend of top tunes and aggravated audience and venue molestation. When Farrs play, no-one is immune from an invitation to dance, be it members of other acts or bar staff goggling at their antics. And lovely people too."

Read more: http://artrocker.com/node/16649

With contacts looking to take them overseas, the future looks bright for FARRs, who are forever writing and demoing new material and looking for bigger and better shows. Although their love for the smaller, intimate show proves to be popular with the crowds of Leeds and London.

The music of the Farrs can be heard at myspace.com/farrsmusic, and a cheeky email often gets you their latest recordings for free....... they're just nice like that.