About The Band

Bio: FRANCK- Biography

Who is Franck?

Born 23june 1978 in Republic democratic of Congo, is an Rnb,Pop,Soul singer songwriter.

Francks first single called LOVE was recorded in august 2009, the track feature a very unique French accent sound and catchy melodies and chorus.
Currently working on is first album project, Francks performing around London.
ONLY YOU is the second Franck single writing with an amazing melodies and dulcet French vocal tones.


Recording on is laptop and playing the songs he was writing for his friends, Francks saw their genuinely excited reaction; From that Francks started writing songs in is head and took is interest for music to the next level.

Francks grow up lisening to 80s Rnb,Soul,Pop singer wish is Mums use to play all the time ;from that Franck was gathering skills as the songwriter and singer, taking his influence, like Michael Jackson; Lionel Ritchie; Elvis Presley; Prince and many more.


Currently working on my solo album called LOVE wish you can find in all web network (www.myspace.com/franckonline) (www.youtube.com/the1franck)

Francks musics is commanding and modern one with touching lyrics; catchy melodies wish we all can get related with.

From the opening Francks song called LOVE you can find that combination of melody irresistibility and lyrical incisiveness and that beautiful French accent of his becoming Francks hallmarks.

Francks says The song is about a friend of mine-is just like a letter to a friend you loved


Currently Franck is working on the final touch of is solo project and on the road performing. I am exciting about going on the road and meet you fan every day I always wanted to do so-want to create a fully realized album that is who I am, where Im going and where I will be; and one is sure is to win the notoriety that is demanded by the depth and quality of the songs Franck last says.