Futures Apart

About The Band

Bio: Futures Apart are a four piece futuromantic band from Wexford, Ireland. The members include Brendan Millar, Philip White, Aaron Davies-Jones and Colin Maher. The band formed in 2008 and spent the first six to eight months establishing themselves as an unorthodox fusion of dance and contemporary rock . Their style has been described as fresh and provocative, transcending the norm in every aspect. Each member brings their own strengths to the group, drawing from their varied personal tastes thus creating a fiercely original sound of intense energy. The band have become infamous for their spectacular stage performances. Their use of costumes, face paints and frenzied stage presence make this band a band very much worth seeing. Despite the mastery of their recordings, where the band truly outshines its competitors is in the live performance, an event that is genuinely unmissable. The visual style of the band echos concepts of futurism, contemporary modernism and art deco as well as drawing influences from books and cinematic interpretations such as Metropolis, 1984 and A Clockwork Orange.