Garden State

About The Band

Bio: When Egil Clausen is ripping off his glittery shirt and stepping out of the kitschrock-limelight he is sharing with the rest of the guys in All That And a Bag of Chips, he is entering his other state of mind and will most likely invite you to candlelight evnings with red wine and freshly homemade songs made from all kinds of obscure ingredients lying around in his home.
This results in the urge of gathering his friends and family, which then results in what you hear when you are listening to any Garden State song.

Friends and family, so far, includes; Ola Geir Raftevold, Simen Thornquist, Gunvald Hagen, Richard Lorentz, Hasse Rosbach, Einar Stenseng, Tuva Livsdatter Syvertsen, Ida Gudim... realeditorbest profile toolsrealeditorbest profile tools