Ice Station Zebra

About The Band

Bio: Pitched somewhere between the primal pulse of Neil Young and the shimmering atmospherics of Pink Floyd, Ice Station Zebra perform songs about things they haven't got and stuff they don’t need.

Lyrically they buy, beg, borrow and steal from anything and everything including spiritual philosophy, scientific theory, political persuasions, literary leavens and experiences with disillusionment, dreams, drink and girls (not necessarily in that order).

The Summer of 2006 saw the band win the XFM unsigned bands competition and go on to play the O2 Wireless Festival in Hyde Park. Alas, an offshoot business in selling bottled sweat didn’t take off.

After an enforced break in 2007, the band recorded and released a debut album, Panopticon, in 2008.

The band is now gigging material from their 2009 One Man War EP and looking forward to recording new material later in the year.