Jay Leighton

About The Band

Bio: Singer songwriter Jay Leighton has been playing and writing music since his early teens. From the moment he saw Nirvana play live on TV he knew he wanted to play guitar. As tradition would have it he formed a band, recorded some songs, played live and eventually signed a record deal with a major label - Island Records. But, failing to make any headway, the dream turned into a nightmare and the band eventually disbanded.

The disappointment led Jay to seriously consider giving music up totally. He sold all of his guitars bar one, which sat in the corner of his room gathering dust. "I didn't listen to, or play, any music at all." recalls Jay. " And I'm told I was a nightmare to live with" he says with a wry smile.. Then, late one night a documentary about Nick Drake came on the television. Jay, a long time Drake fan watched with interest. "As soon as it finished I picked up my guitar", he says.

For the next month Jay locked himself away in his attic and wrote and recorded a bunch of new songs. Unsure what to do with them, he eventually sent them off to friend Greg Haver for his thoughts. Greg offered to help record some additional string parts and mix the songs. The results have become Jay's debut solo album 'Polaroids and Stills'.