About The Band

Bio: JuneNine was formed in the summer of 2008 with a random myspace friend request from one artist to another. RJ Kaufman sent a friend request to Tyler Monks, who has been recording and producing music with some of the hottest artists on the radio. Namely Colbie Caillait, Jason Reeves, & One Republic.

After hearing RJ's amazing vocal talent, Tyler invited RJ to sing on a few instrumental tracks that had been produced years prior. Songs that had been collecting dust for years. After hearing just two samples of RJ's vocal work, Tyler moved from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles to work with RJ on the forth-coming self-released EP - IF YOU ONLY KNEW.

While in Los Angeles, RJ and Tyler recruited bassist Josh Nyback and drummer Jeremy Nasta. Recording dates ensued and 5 songs were recorded at Ocean Studios in Burbank.

The music of JuneNine can best be described as emotionally drive melodic rock. Music that makes you feel something.

RJ caught the vision of the music immediately and was able to pen lyrics that seemed to come from someone with much more life experience.

The lyrics are easy to relate to and the music is passionate and energetic.

JuneNine will be performing acoustic shows in Southern California this summer.