Kid Bombardos

About The Band

Bio: Those Kid Bombardos - a family story, it seems.
And what if we told you it started in the 1920s ? Young Martinelli, in garrison in Fez (Morocco), has just put on his gloves. They call him Kid Bombardos, because he's young and he hits hard. Don't look any further.
Bare-chested, with black shorts and long socks, he's already in the boxing ring. On the opposite side stands the French champion of the time, glaring at him. The young Kid Bombardos merely smiles back. He rubs his gloves like one rubs his hands before a good meal.
First round. The champion whirls around him, quick as a whip, Kid Bombardos knocks him on the chin with a striking uppercut. End of the fight.

Today, his great-grandsons, Thomas, Vincent and Simon Martinelli, along with childhood friend David Loridan, have decided to enter the ring as well. But their ring is different - it's a stage, and their gloves are two guitars, a base and a drum kit.
Armed with the same fighting yearning as their ancestor, they first started making their way through Bordeaux venues and festivals : Le Printemps de Bourges, Garorock, Francofolies of La Rochelle, Garden Nef Party in Angoulême. All the while traveling in their parents ' Renault Trafic, with their instruments stacked in the back. Soon they reached Paris, playing at La Maroquinerie, Le Point Ephémère and La Cigale, and were very much noticed when they played first act for Hushpuppies and Vampire Weekend.

The emergency of New York rock, the candor of British pop, Velvet Underground-influenced songs and an unshakable faith in what they do - their average age may only be 19, but do not be mistaken, this band is not a mere flash in the pan. It is here to stay.
Besides, it has always been here. Ever since the 1920s I think...