Kings of Hearts

About The Band

Bio: The guys live to write, rehearse and play live. The band is continuously developing musically and striving to attract mass appeal. We aim to write Kings of Hearts material as both radio and stadium friendly, consisting of catchy chorus lines, cool riffs and hooks that are of a 'sing-a-long' nature. We want people to feel excited when they listen to our material and have a sense of urgency . . . and perhaps the temptation to drive fast, think, reflect, dance, tap, listen loud, sing, or chill-out.

We aim to offer the listener more than just another rock band by continuously pushing our sound with guitar synths and experimenting in rehearsals. The guys in the band are not shy of hard work and some day hope to find a career in the music industry, ideally as performers.

Personally, we believe our live show is as good as it gets!! So we greatly appreciate your time, and hope you enjoy our music!