Kitty and The Lost Boys

About The Band

Bio: Former Radio 1 Houseband of the Week and Heart FM Record of the week, originally hailing from South East London this girl fronted rock band have recently stormed the South West music scene and are making a lasting impression with their catchy pop rock songs and electric onstage performances. They also have lots of fans in Andalucia (Kitty and Jess speak Spanish) and tour there every Summer. They've caught the attention of various top industry names including Mike Chapman who created hit records for such artists as Sweet and Suzi Quatro aswell as producing a breakthrough album for Blondie (one of the Kitty and The Lost Boys' major influences)

"You've got the three heavily rock influenced lads at the back, and my thumping bass lines, underpinning my softer, girly vocals. We've all got such different influences that aren't usually brought together, so we create quite a unique sound. At the moment we're working on our third album and I'm soooo excited about it!! The first two albums were kind of experiments, with both recording and getting our sound together, so this one is really our defining moment. 'It's Not Ok' is one of the tracks thats gonna be on it, I hope you love it." Kitty