About The Band

Bio: Portuguese Guitar mixed with Electronic Music

Tradition embraces modernity in a relationship as promiscuous as it is fruitful and truly interesting. M-PeX is a project that allies the Portuguese Guitar to electronic music, and dares to explore musical landscapes never visited before. A bold experiment that sets a test for our ears, that dares to break down clichés and which proves that traditional music can also be modern, or vice-versa. Imagine the crystalline sound of a Portuguese Guitar. Imagine a laptop knocking out electronic rhythms. M-PeX is just that, electronic music with Portuguese Guitar. Or maybe it's Portuguese Guitar with electronics. Either way, the project mingles apparently irreconcilable music styles. But it is possible after all. The result is neither Fado nor electronic music, nor even the sum of the two, it's something more: it's something indefinable that is born of the marriage of tradition and innovation.



"Portugal beatmaster Marco Miranda aka M-PeX released 'Phado', a great album showcasing Portuguese Guitar as taught to Marco by his grandfather. Applying the traditional strings to contemporary fusion with the inclusion of electronic beats, M-PeX is an ethnic time machine best accompanied by sentimental moods. Sometimes the guitar sounds like old school harpsichord (minus the hammer-ons and sliding)."
shastud, IN Ear It Now

" 'Phado' is wholly Iberian in atmosphere, sensual and melodic with more than a tinge of nostalgic melancholy, evoking an ambience at once tangy and honey-dipped. These are the songs to compliment sentimental and lonely moods, when distance or time renders someone held dear intangible and missed."
Dutton Hauhart, IN Connexion Bizarre