M1 Connect

About The Band

Bio: So what is it that marks M1 Connect out against the current crop of bands fusing retro electronics and guitars?

Is it the dramatic delivery? The well crafted arrangements? The strong melodies?

Certainly, for just two people, M1 Connect makes a huge sound; imagine the intensity of Editors and Prodigy fused with the emotiveness of Doves and Smashing Pumpkins all topped off with the intricacies of Orbital at their most symphonic. In the wrong hands, this heady mix of ballsy rock guitar, driving synths and pounding electronic beats could sound messy, but brothers Martin and Stewart Cuthew make it sound powerful yet effortless.

Yes, this is music you can move to but they are not afraid to engage the listener on a deeper level and always deliver the big chorus to stir you emotionally, whilst the lyrics reveal unflinching honesty and a burning urgency that can’t be ignored, with every word sung as if their lives depended upon it.

Ultimately, M1 Connect is about having the best of both worlds without compromising.

Epic and infectious, bracing and moving, let M1 Connect grab your senses and pull you in.