Man Get Out

About The Band

Bio: At once rhythmical, reflective and melodic, Man Get Out burst forwards in many colours. Surprisingly deep and effortless, their sound is electric their lyrics thoughtful. Dance and debate - these four Liverpool musicians make you think and stink.

Ellenberg’s voice is soulful, vengeful, roughly drunk and drunkenly sweet. Clever and witty lyrics, proverbial phrases and punchy declarations of joy stand him apart. Ever present, Lowton plays bass searchingly and brutally, Chris knocks out a rhythm on drums like he’s the lead, then at times retreats to beats that are subtle, sharp and uniform. Owen is ever innovative and instrumental on piano mixing an eclectic mix of effects, which are playful, jazzy and pure music hall.

Individually these instrumentalists are a spectrum of talent. Collectively this band are corruptingly good. No band is an island, entire of itself and Man Get Out have a solid following that gets out, gets dancing, gets shouting and gets to go home happy. Get some colour in your life – Man Get Out.