Morning Lane

About The Band

Bio: Stephen Aravena - Vocals,Rhythm Guitar / John Wilmshurst - Lead guitar / Ross Butler - Bass / Tristan Hill - Drums

Having just finished recording their latest EP Just So You Know, Morning Lane are preparing to get back where they belong - on the stage performing for their fans.
"We were determined to make 2009 a year where we really get our heads down and crack on" says Ross "and we all had to make a lot of tough decisions" - with which ML ultimately saw the departure of long time members, guitarist Steve Dourdil and drummer Jean-Marc Valat.
The boys from London quickly set about recruiting two new members - Guitarist John Wilmshurst and Drummer Tristan Hill.
"I think I came in at the right time" says John, "as the band was moving from being a semi-pro band to being a serious professional outfit, so I could hit the ground running!".

Tristan had somewhat of a baptism of fire... "I used to gig with Ross a while back and I just happened to Email him for a quick catch-up session - next thing I knew, three weeks later I was on stage with Morning Lane supporting 'The Automatic!"

It appeared that ML were back up and running and they hit the studio in the Autumn of 2009 to record their new EP.
"Once you know it's working you just have to get into the recording studio and capture that energy" says Stephen.

"We've put all of our effort into making this EP not only as good as we can, but also a true representation of us live" Ross says "and to do this, we contacted some of the best people we can find to work on our recording".

One of these people is Andy Jackson, legendary sound engineer for Pink Floyd.
Stephen adds "When you start working with guys at this level, you know you're on to something good..."

Influences: Kings Of Leon, Placebo, Coldplay, Keane, Snow Patrol, U2

Since: 2008