My Luminaries

About The Band

Bio: Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition winners My Luminaries have a DIY story to tell and are stronger and more creative than ever before.

Earning a reputation for their electrifying live shows and exemplary song-writing along the way, My Luminaries' debut album ‘Order from the Chaos’ is now completed and set for release in June 2010. The album was mixed by the revered and renowned Paul Stacey who shared the band's ethos that the record should be made for the record's sake, and not for the sake of the radio or ipod. So they melted down a national grids worth of classic albums playlists, deconstructing a life time of humming references until they chomped on the bit that makes hearts quiver and neck hair stand on end. It is already being hailed by internet bloggers as “the first great album of 2010”.

New champions of the band with bigger harpoons and radars are being drawn by the scent of something special. Radio 1’s Edith Bowman voted for the band to play at T in the Park Festival in Scotland. BBC's Huw Stephens and Tom Robinson concur.

‘Parasol’, the first single from the album is released on the 22nd March 2010 on Cottage Industries, the band's own DIY label.