About The Band

Bio: I make music that is a mix of trip-hop/folk/indian/classical/ambient. I play piano, sing, compose, arrange and produce. I used to play the drums and I can strum a few chords on a guitar. I normally play in a large band rather than as a soloist. Here is what some lovely respected people in music have said about my stuff:

"Her music defies categorisation, but elements of ambient and indie styles combine with awe–inspiring vocals reminiscent of Tori Amos and Kate Bush to produce a truly compelling sound." Bright Young Things 2008

"A multi-talented young lady" Bright Young Things 2008

"One of the most talented young musicians out there" Jaskirt Dhaliwal, Photographer for BBC

"I'm gonna leave my job as a radio presenter, start up a record label, make her my first signing and make her a star" Bobby Friction, BBC Radio 1 & Asian Network

"I'm excited about this young lady" Bobby Friction, BBC Radio 1 & Radio 1