About The Band

Bio: A meltin'pot of new wave, tekno goth, rock sound.
The concept Neracruz begins in London in 1995 with Raphael and Steve. In 1998 Raphael moves back to Italy, bringing with him Steve. Once inserted in the Milan Rock Scene, Raphael meets Stefano Lucchese (drummer), Marco (keyboards) and Londener Kevein (guitar). Here they start playing live in various clubs and venues of the Milan Live Scene such as: Rolling Stone, Binario Zero, Factory, Zoe, Milano Suona Festival etc.. alongside bands such as Bluvertigo and Afterhours. In the meantime they have recorded a number of demos with Le Vibrazioni producer Marco Trentacoste. In 2007 there is a line up change with the arrival of Andrea (drummer). The band is continuing its musical expansion through its songwriting and reaching out to the public through the web and live concerts.