About The Band

Bio: Over seven years ago, two pairs of brothers didn't so much as converge as collide somewhere in Wiltshire, before relocating to Birmingham and starting their journey as OST, (aka Old School Tie). OST is an "emotronic", rock, four-piece band, constantly busy playing gigs, predominantly in the UK Midlands and the south of England. With their brew of dance, electro, dub and rock, OST has also gained recognition in the United States and in Europe, playing a 12-day tour of Norway in 2009.
OST highlights in 2009, apart from the tour of Norway, were supporting Delphic on the Birmingham leg of their UK tour, headlining the Swindon Shuffle, (labelled the UK's biggest unsigned festival), playing a prime-time slot on the Victoria Square Stage at the Birmingham ArtsFest, and performing at the BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend Fringe Festival.