About The Band

Bio: The hook, the uber-riff, and the killer groove – not the sequel to Clint’s last spaghetti western classic, but the main ingredients of Omarashi – a brand new Brighton based band currently causing ears to twitch amongst the city’s more discerning music aficionados.

Formed in January 2009, Omarashi (what? look it up in Wikipedia) is the intriguing creation of songwriters/guitarists Andrew Bray and Maria La Guise whose wide-ranging blend of groove infused rock with a Beatlesque style pop sensibility could spark one of the more interesting musical jaunts you have around your iPod this year.

In addition, the band comprises vocalist Karl Middleton, formerly with critically acclaimed world touring act and Kerrang heroes Earthtone9, plus high energy rhythm section Tom Bold (Bass) and Sam Wilson (Drums) - all experienced and creative professionals with a shared love of intelligent hard rock, grunge, psychedelia and classic movie soundtracks.

Some healthy slices of Nirvana, a wedge of Led Zeppelin, a few leaves of John Barry and a fresh squeeze of Elliot Smith…. whatever you might want in your high viber musical diet - a little bit hard, a little bit heavy but always with a firm handle on a great melody, this band could be the answer.

Keep your eye on the horizon, Omarashi are coming and it’s going to be a lot of fun...