Phil Marcs

About The Band

Bio: Phil Started out writing songs in the summer of 1999, Whilst taking a long convalescence after breaking his leg in a tournament. In 2000 he took a course on production and began experimenting with styles as varied as ambient, hip hop, and House. In 2001 after a chance meeting, he was signed to AMG Records. Ambient turned to acoustic rock and the first album was written. In 2002 Phil met with some friends from his local church who shared his love of music, and the band SEED was formed. Seed toured all over the country for the next 3 years.Seed had a loyal following, and in December of 2005, their final gig was played out to 2500 people in Hammersmith Apollo. The band then moved on to work on solo projects, though they still see a lot of each other. For the last 6 months, Phil has been focussing everything into producing his own solo album (Midnight Walking). Thruogh numerous computer crashes, and the usual bane of having to work 9-5 doing something other than music, it's ready at last.