About The Band

Bio: To date Phoenix23 have:

1. Provided 3 tracks for the feature film, '50 Dead men Walking'
2. Have been listed as No.4 in Empire magazines April 2009 issue of tracks of the month
3. Self funded the recording of their demo album at the legendary 'Sunset Sound' in LA
4. Had their album produced by Carl Verheyen of Supertramp fame and have gigged with him in Northern Ireland and Seattle.
5. A high point of their gigs here in Belfast, was when they played at St Georges Market in September 2008.
6. The band are currently in the planning stage for their upcoming self funded promotional tour of key US cities including Seattle and LA.

The band is comprised of 2 brothers, Neil (bass), and Glenn (Rhythm guitar), and their cousin Gavin (Vocals and lead guitar). When playing live, their cousin Andy plays lead guitar, and friend Hodgie is on drums.

The guys were born and raised in Northern Ireland, and are as yet unsigned.

For more information;

Here is their myspace;

Here is the IMDB listing for the tracks used on the film;

This is a youtube video of one of their tracks, Outside my window