Pray For Hayden

About The Band

Bio: Pray for Hayden are a 5-piece, anthemic Pop-Rock band from Leeds, UK with a unique sound that mixes elements of Rock, Punk, Pop and Indie. Imagine if Wham were to have children with The Clash, now imagine that they forced these children to listen to The Cure constantly. Well that’s one way to describe our sound!

Originally conceived as a post-hardcore band, Pray for Hayden formed about 4 years ago from the ashes of two other Leeds groups: Her Alibi and Famous Lincoln. Fast forward to 2009 with the arrival of synth player Craig, new guitarist Jay, and drummer Ben, our sound began to evolve as we took inspiration from the bands we love. 6 Months of writing sessions and studio work are about to culminate in the release of our new 6-track E.P.

We're back and better than ever, ready to unleash our machine gun melodies on unsuspecting audiences across the country. You want fun? You got it!!