Rogue Nouveau

About The Band

Bio: ROGUE NOUVEAU is the alter-ego of singer/songwriter/MC -Natalia Sheppard (aka MC TALI) and this project is a fusion of her love of Jazz, Big Band, Hip Hop and Soul.
Combined with her experienced and incredibly talented 5 piece band and 3 backing singers, ROGUE NOUVEAU has already played Ronnie Scotts Jazz Bar, The Jazz Cafe, YoYo, Proud Galleries and many other iconic venues around London.

Rogue Nouveau's aim, is to bring strong, fresh songs and good vibes to all in attendance.

Natalia Trained at the National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Arts (NASDA) in New Zealand, but it was while waiting tables and MCing in Melbourne, Australia, that Natalia was discovered by legendary Drum N Bass producer Roni Size, and asked to come to England to be their MC.

Natalia has forged a career over the last ten years as the number one female DnB MC (And is a three times award winner), but it is her love of song writing and performing that has led to her branching out into creating ROGUE NOUVEAU.

"In DnB there isn't much opportunity to showcase my lyrics, to story tell. Although I can freestyle and flow on the beats, the scope is still reasonably limited to creating a vibe for the dance floor. With Rogue, I can sing about whatever it is I am feeling, my passions, my dreams, whilst still retaining those freestyle elements. Its a much more personal experience in many ways and hopefully I am able to convey this to those listening"