About The Band

Bio: Scubaroots is the remedy... Living it up and playing it loud, avoiding at all costs getting real jobs, under the guise that they're still students (which they aren't...) and blissfully ignoring the brutality of reality. The Scubaroots repertoire is definitely more high grade than highbrow. With tales of debauched wreckage, saucy doctors, dodgy bankers, mary jane and dub star hotels... They play what they feel and feel what they play with their collective tongue firmly in cheek.
Escape from planet earth, England, Shepherds Bush...Shepton Mallet...stop by @ Babylon Pharmacy...the new album out soon!
At its core are Richard De Rosa and Richard Cox who write and produce the tracks. Live the group consists a 7 to 10 piece band that on occasion swells to include gospel choirs, record geek DJs, Latin percussion outfits and a ton of other party-kinds up for a party. Expect high energy, disciplined and soulful music that nods to the best kinds breakbeat, funk, reggae and roots influences.
Find us at http://www.myspace.com/scubaroots.