About The Band

Bio: "Multi-national. Poly-cultural. And many faceted, Shush are a bright spark
from the fires of what is best termed alternative pop-rock. They've got the sort
of breezy, breathy sense of melody that enriches the sounds of bands from
the Foo Fighters to Horror Pops and McQueen.
They've also got a tightly wound sense of musicianship, one that might nod
towards modern punk, but isn't afraid to stretch out and give room for vital
creativity. Add in a storming, streetwise energy, and you have a band with a
lot of potential, and the focus to realized their ambitions.
It's the sort of style that would have everyone purring if they were
American. Well, they're on our doorstep, so why don't we praise some
homegrown class for once?"

Total Rock

“Shush’s debut EP is a revelation. They mean business, and this record is
their statement of intent”.

Brett Callwood
Classic Rock / Bizarre
Rhythm / Total Guitar / Guitarist
Acoustic / Bass Guitar / Record Collector

“Shush have a really marketable sound and the potential to be huge; they
deal in rock with poppy melodies and easy on the ear female vocals mixed
with darker minor key changes reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age and
some pretty heavy sounding guitars. The melodies here are all more than
averagely catchy and anthemic, soaring to crescendos in all the right places.”


"Milena Yum posseses the kind of gorgeous voice that should really be let out
more often - melody rich, sweet and harmony-laden perfect guitar pop"

Bubblegum Slut

..”the quartet sound like PigIron with the Donnas at the Mic”..

Metal Hammer