Small City Calling

About The Band

Bio: Hailing from San Diego, California, Small City Calling has taken what it means to be an unsigned artist in 2010 and raised the bar. No longer can “potential talent” stay in hiding.
The bands frontman and producer, Ryan Erwin started writing, producing and mixing his own records in 2006 and is currently enrolled as a music production/composition major at San Diego State. While living in the student housing his freshmen year, Erwin met and began writing music with Kevin Adams and Jake Falzone. In late 2009 the trio decided on the band name “Small City Calling,” and released their first record The Living Room Demo. Featuring “Hold On” and “Change You” which Erwin wrote and recorded in Los Angeles earlier that year with Keith Cooper of Chamberlain Records. The rest of the 7 songs on The Living Room Demo were recorded and produced by Ryan Erwin and Small City calling in their apartment living room. In 2010 Small City Calling wrote and is still in the process of recording their Sophomore release, Oceanus.
While Small City Calling continues to write and record for FREE in their home studio, they never stop playing live shows in the San Diego Area and plan to keep infecting the internet and music scene with their unstoppably catchy blend of acoustics and electronics.