Starboard Silent Side

About The Band

Everything started in Amsterdam where two childhood friends accidently met. Jim the singer, a Swedish globe-trotter with a passion for literature, and Steph, an adventurous and inspired guitarist met for a drink and planned to meet in Paris with their guitars, some melodies and some texts. Later they were joined by Tibault on drums and Nico on bass. Finally, the group became five with Buni on violin (DAAU, Narrow Terence). Picked up by the label YY, Starboard Silent Side started recording their first album in Vermont, USA directed by their producer, Bruno Green (John Parish, John Convertino, Lilium, Santa Cruz, Thomas Belhom, Marc Ribot...). By listening to their album "Because Our Friendship Was Meant to Sail" one can be immediately bewitched by the warm, strong, yet delicate sound of Jim's voice. The violin played by Buni marvelously accents and accompanies the entrancing melodies of Steph. The sound is clearly folk, but the tormented compositions and the arrangements closely resemble those of Magnolia Electric Co and Thomas Dybdahl, but also those of The Decemberists. Jim's voice beautifully leads you through the album, the harmonies are captivating and intoxicating, and the five members have embodied the comeback of folk music by being original and never falling into clichés. With no doubt their music is as true as their friendship.