Sunday People

About The Band

Bio: The story of this particular band is not what you might call ordinary. While the whole world triggers garage bands into the mainstream, these two Abu-Dhabi born brothers, Sultan and Hasan, started putting their dreams, influences and musical thoughts and ideas into practice out of their bedroom, which they craftily made into a recording studio from a very young age. Heavenly into the electronic waves of the time, they recorded full demos, live sets over and over again until the optimal version was reached using that common household item, the tape. They went from chill out, to drum n bass, not overlooking trip hop and even house, starting different musical projects such as LuminaL, Zero, Blanoz and Soul Dealer. A true family affair, an ever changing and adventurous style of spreading music, these two graduates of economic studies evolved into a newer and fresher form of expression within their two albums as Sunday People (a project born in 2002 ). Deep, funky, melodic, down tempo, trip hop, chill out, from "Untold Stories" to "Telepathically In Love", to an even more unexpected electro rock approach on their latest album "One". This new album reunites the two brothers with two actors-musicians, Cristi Rigman (drums) and Ana Ularu (vocals) and brings forth a mixture of riot, love, calm versus intense, renewing and sometimes sarcasm as message and is proof to a continuous search into their lives as primal source of inspiration. And they gave it the name to emphasize the symbiosis within their collaboration and their sheer joy of music. Simply put... "we are One".