About The Band

Bio: TF1 was formed in 2008 after members had worked together on various shows and mixtapes. it was decided that their local community and no doubt the rest of the world should be given a chance to hear what first class music was being produced from these individuals. after several highly sucessfull interviews shows and song productions. TF1 is branching out to entertain the four corners of the world with raw homegrown tallent, lyrical expertise and pure energy... if your not up on TF1 you need to know this crew can blow the roof off.. Most of the hip hop acts you see nowerdays weather underground or mainstream are missin exactly wot TF1! is not and the originality of the crew shines when compared to others.TF1 have performed at venues such as the civic in wolverhampton (were beverly night,busta rhymes and the streets have performed) , the assembly in leamington spa (where ndubz and eric clapton have performed), the place in Telford (where lenny henry and many great acts have performed) and various nightclubs all over the midlands. There are 3 members of TF1. Hardcore(aka corey core) Trademark(aka T Rogers) and ASH1(aka A Brendan). Each member has a unique style and when brought together the results are phenomenal. wherever the TF1 movement go they recieve alot of love having people from all over the world listen to and genuinely enjoy their music. hip hop, just like other forms of music is often stereotyped the TF1 have performed from acoustic sets to hip hop to dubstep and shined in each genre prooving that hip hop/rap and lyrics can be enjoyed by all ages, races, colours and creeds. TF1 are electric on stage and always keep the crowd involved and entertained keeping alive the fun factor in music but they also address more serious issues in their music and enjoy doing work for the community and good causes for example they have worked with young writer groups and local council schemes while spreading there music as far as they can. so check em out and look out for new tracks in 2010