The Bacchae

About The Band

Screaming organs drive the melodies, along with soulful, bluesy female vocals, all scuzzed up with fierce fuzz guitar, rumbling bass and relentless, primitive drumming. Their electric live show is quickly becoming notorious, as the band’s uncontainable passion for what they do is so deeply infectious. The Bacchae take influence from a broad range of sources, adopting the heavyweight power of Black Sabbath, The Stooges and The Monks, as well as a dose of bittersweet pop in the vein of Shocking Blue and The Ronettes. They pluck the fierce girl-garage of Thee Headcoatees, and add to it the blues stomp of Jack White’s latest project, “The Dead Weather.

Fresh from recording and self-producing their forthcoming release in an ex nuclear bunker in North Wales, and completing a very successful tour in Germany, The Band are poised and ready to unleash their new material on the rest of Europe and the UK.