The Dorian Grays

About The Band

Bio: The Dorian Grays are a Portuguese trio from Lisbon with an ear for different worlds and a black eye from breaking down stages. They dwell in the realm of alternative electro-rock with a classical feel. After winning several music contests in their home country, they’ve just recorded their debut EP with producer Marco Jung, called Gentle Persuasion. They are the troubadours of darkness, of the narrows where cats are blackened by filth and of clubs where eye looks cross in search of someone to lose themselves in. A reflex of the world we live in, of the noise made by machines, the melancholy of cities and the turbulence of nights in a society of seeing and being seen, that we hate and love, in which we live but want to run away from. The sounds that rise up from all this experimentation are the result of the ultimate search for all the different subtleties that are called the Unknown.