The Heist

About The Band

Bio: The Heist are four London-based twenty-somethings, comprised of Roni (vocals and guitars), Joel (guitars), Aaron (drums) and Jonathan (bass) who spend their time writing songs and rocking out in the garage. But once you enter that garage… it hits you. An intense wave of sound will grab you, then shake you into a serious session of head banging and fist pumping.

This is what the Heist are all about. Their blend of powerful rock is infused with melodic guitars and catchy choruses sprinkled with elements of funk, psychedelic and acoustic sounds.

Musical influences include Rage Against The Machine, Jeff Buckley and the Foo Fighters whose presence can be felt in songs where soft vocals give way to heavy riffs and loud choruses.

But it is on stage where the band really comes alive. Every last drop of energy and intensity is channelled into The Heist’s live performance to ensure a night where the audience can loosen up and go just a bit crazy.