The Hypers

About The Band

Bio: The The Hypers formed in the summer of 2006 in Lisbon, Portugal and consist of Gonçalo Larsen (guitar \ vocals) and Filipe Paixão (bass) and Pedro Veiga (drums).

The band spent their first year working on their first Demo entitled "Coming Out Loud" which they released on CD and were quickly labelled as "energetic, frantic with sweaty riffs that bite you". The Hypers soon got fantastic write ups in papers like the "Journal Underworld" and began playing around Portugal in many cities. "Close to me" and The Broken Voice" (Tracks from their Demo CD) quickly made National Radio on Antena 3 and college radio all over the country.

With the support of MTV and Myspace Portugal The Hypers entered into the Levi´s Unbuttoned Festival and in the same year of 2008 they won the "Almada Modern Music Competition" giving them enough prize winnings to record a second Demo CD "Wreckage of a Riot". Already this year, The Hypers were finalists in one of the biggest unsigned band competitions called the Thermometer Festival and in March won 2 of the Countries biggest band competitions in the same night with some great playing and fast driving.

For more information check out www.myspace.com/the_hypers