The Magical Blue Orchestra

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October 2006 Norwegian brothers Jörgen and Andreas form The Magical Blue Orchestra in Hemavan Sweden. They decide to keep the band as two piece (for now…) and begin rehearsing acoustically.
8 December 2006 The Magical Blue Orchestra perform their first gig at Tärnaby Fjällhotell in Tärnaby Sweden.
8 August 2007 The band travel to Glasgow to perform at The Reflex Club in front of a panel of judges. Competing against other bands for only a few open slots at the 2007 Retrofest in Ayrshire Scotland.
1 September 2007 The Magical Blue Orchestra perform at the Retrofest 2007 (held at the Culzean Castle in Ayrshire Scotland)
October 2007 The song "You Are Nice" is played on Swedish radio as well as on the "Best Of Myspace" podcast hosted by Gill Mills
30 July 2008 The band relocate to Dublin, Ireland and begin contemplating adding a bass player and a drummer to the line up.
22 September 2008 The Magical Blue Orchestra perform "Rock N Roll (Do Dah Wee)" on Balcony Tv in Dublin, Ireland.
December 2008 The song "She Shines On" is played on Norwegian radio.
12 December 2008 The band head back to Hemavan, Sweden.
December 2008 The song "You Are Nice" is yet again played on Swedish radio.
July 2009 This Is Rock N Roll is featured on the "best of Myspace" podcast hosted by Gill Mills.
30/31July 2009 The band (still a two piece) travel to Storuman to record their song "Baron Saturday" at Nstudio Norrljud.
October 2009 The band enters a remix competition for "Come Back Clean" by Crystal Metod. They finish 3rd (out of approx 400 submissions)
11 December 2009 "Baron Saturday" is released on the compilation cd "Blandat Godis 2".
December 2009 "Baron Saturday" is played on Swedish radio.
1 March 2010 The song "Baby I Don't Care No More" is released on Lakeland Records Compilation cd 2.