The Stilts

About The Band

Bio: The Stilts are a four-piece alternative rock outfit from West London. Favouring raw, organic sounds over synthesized or synthetic effects, their catchy songs easily translate to the live stage and are performed in the manner in which they are recorded: amped up and belted out with gusto.

As a hard working band, The Stilts have produced a range of high quality demos over the past three years, honing their sound and developing their live show. They have earned a reputation amongst fans for delivering a tight, rocking set whilst impressing promoters with an enthusiastic and loyal fan base that can be relied upon to attend gigs regularly.

To date they are self-managed and self-financing, having taken the time to produce quality work and gain a good breadth of live experience. Talented and confident, The Stilts are now ready to reach out to a wider audience, and are promoting their three track demo ‘All Messed Up’ which is a taster of their forthcoming album to be released in 2010.