The Vanity Clause

About The Band

Bio: We're a 3 piece electronic band from London, UK with joint male and female vocals specializing in frenzied analogue synth action and dark emotive beats. Our sound is a combination of our influences from the post punk/New wave era of electronic bands with a modern soulful edge creating haunting sweet stories of faded glamour and longing. Influences - Fad Gadget, Ultravox, Cabaret Voltaire, Depeche Mode, Chemical Bros, Underworld.

Recent events-
2009 Played in Berlin, playing frequently around London, receiving our first major airplay on BBC6 Music and reaching number 5 in the Unsigned charts with “Lifeline”.

Current plans -
Recording a self produced album. Releasing debut single “Time” followed by “Lifeline” with additional video release. Extensive UK shows to promote our album release.
We are –
Russell Harris - Synths, programming, recording, pressing buttons and untangling wires.
David Woods - Vocals and synth action and Keytaur vogueing.
Louisa Strachan - Vocals, soul and synth crazyness