Thieves Of Time

About The Band

Bio: The 'Thieves Of Time' are an Indie / Rock band hailing from Chelmsford, Essex. Formed in early 2009 by Dean Goodwin and Dan Gandolfi, the band have experienced all the highs and lows that are inherent in preparing a band for live performance. They have been fortunate enough to play at some exciting locations within their first few months of being formed. Two of which were playing at 'Barhouse' in Chelmsford and playing an open air gig outside the Tower Of London. All of this has prepared the band for the upcoming year, which if indications are anything to go by, could be very busy for the Thieves Of Time. With confirmed gigs at the Purple Turtle, Barhouse, The Box, The Summerhouse and SX Festival in early 2010. There are more expected to be confirmed at several festivals across the UK in the summer. The bands line up includes Dean Goodwin on vocals, Dan Gandolfi on lead guitar, Liam Staines on rhythm guitar, Ross Barnwell on bass guitar and James Curtis-Thomas on drums & percussion. The bands influences are both wide and varied, covering genres such as Rock, Indie, Blues, Metal and Funk. With 2 demos already recorded and 2 more being mixed in early 2010, the band are expected to record an album within the year.