Tom Tyler

About The Band

Bio: Tom Tyler is a unique talent. He has written, recorded, sung, played and produced all the tracks on his debut album. Having started his music career at the tender of 3 when his mother put a violin in his hands, Tom has progressed to become an accomplished multi-instrumental recording artist with a voice that one commentator simply called “astounding”. His songwriting has gained critical acclaim from numerous commentators and is likely to gain many more in the coming years.
Tom originally started out as a drummer, but quickly found that he was the one writing all the songs and also had the best voice in whichever group he played. So like Dave Grohl he moved from behind the kit to become the main man. After the break-up of the band he formed with his two brothers, Tom decided to write a solo album that would be a testament to great, original and authentic music. This album is a statement of genuine music, written and played by a real musician. Despite having his material stolen twice from his home studio, he has managed to complete an amazing piece of work that will stand test of time and be played for years to come.
The first EP of the album “Shooting Star” will be released in April, and encompasses a lot of what make Tom’s sound so unique and appealing. Not stuck on particular instrument he uses all of his musical knowledge to create a sound that is immediately familiar and memorable.